Dodge This

This film is actually based off the first film Lee made in his adult film career: “Basic Math”. It was based on a bet he had with a friend. You can watch the film to see what the bet was about.

We shot “Dodge This” for a radio station contest (the 101.9 The End ‘s really short film festival). It was intended to be a single day shoot but after having some problems with a practical effects, we had to do a half day of pick-up shots. The first day was on Friday the 8 of October, 2010. The re-shoots were about a week later.

This was the first film we shot on the Canon 7d camera. We got decent results but we had some blow out issues because we were shooting with a monitor that didn’t have a super dynamic range. We also had some problems with flares and some reflections of a piece of lexan we put in front of the camera for the special effects shot. We used Nikon prime still lenses with Canon adapters. The clarity is great on them. Since the Nikon primes we purchased are really fast (F1.2) you can get a really shallow depth of field. Because we shot on a 7D, it meant that we shot sound separately. , This was also the first film in which we recorded sound separately from the video, which presents its own set of challenges in the editing. We made the mistake of shooting without a slate and from this point on we always used one.

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