Simple Inquisition

This film was shot in one day, May 15, 2010. (Well, we shot it in the evening and late into the morning) We filmed in the office of a local talent agency. We actually found the stained glass windows on sale at Target. No, actually Lee made them out of Plexiglas and stained glass paint. They turned out fantastic. We were trying to decide if a window film would work, but Plexiglas worked better trying to get it to look like the light was shining through it. It also looked a lot more realistic. This is also the film that made us decide to never, ever, do another shoot without the help of a video assist; and never use orange extension cords on set. We had a shot where one of the cords was in view. (See if you can spot it in the film!) If we had a video assist, that problem would have been corrected. If we had used a black cord on set, even if it wasn’t caught on the monitor, it would have been less noticeable in the final product. This film was shot on the Sony EX3 camera with a lens adapter.

A man questions his faith while in conversation with his Priest.

Directed by Lee Gardner

Written by Joseph L. Puente

Produced by Lee Gardner & Aaron Justesen

Director of Photography: Matt Francis

1st Assistant Camera: Grant Peterson

Sound: Aaron Justesen

Art Direction: Lee Gardner

Key Makeup: Dale Flink

Editor: Lee Gardner

Assistant Editor: Aaron Justesen


Dan Larsen… Father Bricker

Joseph L. Puente… Terry Sloan


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